Show Your Potential! Acting Audition Prep

Balance Arts Center


Show Your Potential!
Acting Audition Prep through the Alexander Technique

Succeed in your audition by polishing your individual presentation skills. Find confidence in your instrument (you!) and what you are presenting through the Alexander Technique lens.
Join us for this two-class series:
Mondays, March 19 and April 2, 2018
Space is limited to 12 participants

Throughout the workshop you will receive individual attention on your posture, alignment, breathing, and focus during your performance. We will look at your entrance into the audition space, how you introduce yourself, begin your audition and finish your piece. We will build a strategy for what to do when you make a mistake or get nervous before your audition. The day will start with the elements of your audition and culminate in a mock audition.

Balance Arts Center
34 W. 28th St. #3
NYC, NY 10001
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