CD: Working with Less Stress and More Energy

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Working with Less Stress and More Energy with Ann Rodiger

This audio CD gives gentle instruction to help you work with more ease and focus during the day. Using this CD will also help you have more energy throughout the day and after work. 

The concepts presented are based on the F.M. Alexander Technique.

Sequences include:

Section I: Short General Focus
(3 min. tracks)
A. Very short reminders
B. Mid-length reminders
C. More in-depth reminders

Section II: Longer Loops
(6 min. tracks)
A. Body Direction and Energy Flow
B. Breathing
C. Eye focus

Section III: After Work Rest and Recuperation
(10 min. track)
Lying down on your back or sitting in a chair.


$9.95 (+ $2.50 for shipping and handling)

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